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house picena

not to compete with the harsch landscape, the interior is a dreamy space, bathed in white

a contemporary honeymoon suite of just 30m2 right on the seaside

Inspired by local culture and traditional forms

we reflected in our furniture handcrafted details we found on old windows and doors

we redesigned a specific stool used here - “bančić” - into a contemporary form

we invited ceramic artist Lidia Boševski to interpet natural textures through her designs in clay, and to exhibit her inspirational photos in the wall, as to have her whole process presented in the space


lidia boševski, dino cetinić, grupa, stolarija Carek, tim bolje d.o.o.


bigSEE Awards 2021 winner

ddom&dizajn 2020. "sanjarski ambijent u dalmatinskom grezom okolišu"

_MG_1687 copy
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