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house franco

traditional stone house renovated as five-star boutique rooms in a historic centre of the town of Omiš, Croatia

 the values of three generations within the family of our clients have determined the aesthetics of this house

the project gave my studio the opportunity to adopt humility and develop our design based on empathy

it represents our imaginary future local living: learning from the traditional craftsmanship and high-quality local materials, the forms are reduced in accordance with a minimal hedonistic local life today

we invited contemporary artists to participate with site-specific ceramic and fabric installations throughout the project


lidia boševski, silvio vujičić, grupa, studio botanike, damir žižić, maja jandrić, irma alii, bokart d.o.o., breza d.o.o., robert budimir


bigsee interior design award 2020 winner

dom&dizajn grand prix winner "best apartmant in croatia" LINK

zagreb design week interior design award finalist

elle Decoration "zen oaza u omišu"

awards - big see
awards - dd
awards - zgdw
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